Natural Cures for TMJ Neck Pain


There are a number of people that suffer from temporomandibular joint disorders.  This disorder happens when the joint becomes dislocated or inflamed.

Also known as TMJ, this disorder can affect the body in numerous ways like headaches, tinnitus, lock jaw, clicking sounds while talking or eating, jaw pain, and neck pain.

As the days progress though, there are more and more treatments for TMJ that are discovered and one can now make a choice of curing TMJ and alleviating pain like neck pain either naturally or invasively.

The best TMJ and neck pain relief is to relax your jaw and keep the teeth apart as much as possible.  Eat more soft foods as they don’t need much chewing and there is less work put on the jaw while eating.

Small bites should be taken while eating and big pieces of food could be cut up.  Avoid nail biting, chewing gum or taffy or chewing on the end of pens as these habits could be putting a lot of pressure on the jaw.  With regard to what food to eat, follow an anti-inflammatory diet where the food is organic and not processed.

TMJ Neck Pain Remedy Secrets Revealed

Eat fish because it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that have an anti-inflammatory effect.  Opt for foods rich in magnesium and calcium because these mineral helps in muscle relaxation too.  Avoid caffeine as it stimulates muscles more making it harder to de-stress and relax.

Exercise is also a good way to relax the jaw.  Not only does it ease the tension on the jaw and neck, but also strengthens the jaw and increases range of motion for the TMJ.  Simple passive opening and closing of the jaw and moving the lower jaw from side to side is enough exercise for the TMJ.  Exercise as a whole also increases the release of endorphins in the body, relieving pain felt in the neck and TMJ.

Self massage on the temples, the jaw area and the neck also increases blood flow to the muscles and joints easing pain further while also taking away stress.  In line with exercise, it also pays to maintain a good posture.  By keeping the back straight while sitting decreases strain on the neck muscles and alleviates pain in the neck.  Never hold the phone between your shoulder and chin.

Sleep on your back when you sleep as there is more pressure on the jaw when you sleep on your stomach.  Check to see that you have the right sized pillow too because sleeping on top of the hand or arm may displace the jaw and cause more pain on the jaw and neck.  Do not lie on the couch or bed while reading or watching TV.

Practice yoga and breathing exercises that help quiet the mind and relieve stress on the body and most importantly, the jaw and neck.  Stop clenching the jaw in highly stressful times because it leads to neck and jaw soreness and stiffness.  Lastly, apply moist heat over tender areas of the neck and jaw for 15 to 20 minutes.  Heat releases the tension in muscle fibers bringing about relaxation and pain relief.

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