How to Fix TMJ – TMJ Jaw Exercises

How To Fix TMJ

Are you wondering how to fix TMJ? You are not alone.

TMJ is what it’s called if there is a deviation in the alignment of the upper and lower jaws and it causes pain to many parts of the face and head even extending to the shoulders due to inflammation or swelling.

Since the temporomandibular joint is one of the joints used regularly in eating or talking, people tend to favor the right or left side of the jaw to perform these.  Favoring a side of the jaw leads it to be misaligned and so TMJ jaw exercises have been devised to repair this dislocation and also to strengthen and increase the range of motion of the jaw.

The first TMJ jaw exercise is aids in putting the jaw back on the right track.  Standing in a well lighted room in front of a mirror to see the jaw opening and closing, slowly open and close your mouth.  Keep your head straight and note if your jaw is opening to one side and if it is, try to open your mouth straight.  Be patient as this exercise takes a lot of will and the most preferred side of the jaw has stronger muscles.

Open and close your mouth slowly and correctly for about ten openings and take a breather.  Repeat this exercise for a total of 30 times but always rest your jaw after a set of ten.  This is referred to as the three sets of ten and you must do this, three or four times each day to “teach” the jaw to open and close correctly and strengthen both sides of the jaw.

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The next TMJ exercise seeks to help TMJ muscle relaxation and stretching.  TMJ syndrome is also when the muscles around the joint tighten.  This can sometimes lead to locked jaw and the tension cuts off the blood passing through the blood vessels of the muscle.

The TMJ stretching exercise can be done by slowly opening your mouth to the widest you can comfortably can and then slowly closing it again.  Open the jaw diagonally to the left side and close it again.  Move to the opening the jaw diagonally to the right side.  Always open the jaw to the widest but still comfortable to you.  Do this stretching exercise as you go about your other activities and repeat the movements until your muscles feel better.

Another exercise that you can do for your TMJ and the muscles around it are mandible exercises.  This exercise is when you move your lower jaw (the mandible) from side to side and opening and closing the jaw.  This should be repeated three to five times a day for a period of three to four weeks to be effective in strengthening the joint and increasing the jaws’ range of motion.

These are just some of the exercises you can do to fix TMJ.  All TMJ exercises are made to relax the jaw, prevent clenching and help correct the alignment of the jaws.   If you are having a hard time choosing which jaw exercise is the right one for you, you can always seek the advice of a dentist who can provide you with the most appropriate exercises to do.

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