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How To Fix TMJHi everyone.

I’ve set up this website to help anyone suffering from TMJ.

While the doctor may advise you therapies like stretching and relaxing the muscles or using heat or cold packs on the aching areas, there is no medicine that can directly cure the condition or prevent it from occurring.

Exercises can however greatly relieve the pain, minimize the condition and also prevent further occurrence.

Here’s a simple exercise that could help you. The main aim of this exercise is to strengthen the jaw muscles and prevent its clicking.

1. Close mouth on back teeth and rest your tongue’s tip on the palate, behind your frontal teeth.

2. Reach backwards with the tip of your tongue moving on the soft palate as far as you can reach, without moving the teeth.

3. Now holding your tongue backwards on the soft palate open your mouth till you feel a slight pull on your tongue. Hold for a few seconds and then relax. Do not pull or exert pressure on your tongue.

4. Repeat the steps for 5 minutes.

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Some people suffering from TMJ may find their jaw shifting to one side when opening their mouth. The following exercise can help control the situation. Do this in front of the mirror to know you are doing it right.

1. Standing in front of the mirror, open your mouth as straight as you can. You may need to put in extra efforts to keep the weaker side from going sideways. But keep it as straight as you can without hurting the muscles. Open and close 10 times and then rest for a while. Repeat the steps twice in sets of ten each about 3-4 times a day. Gradually you will find the weak muscles growing stronger and you are able to open straight without difficulty.

2. Stretch your mouth as widely as you comfortably can. Stretch to the left side first and then close then stretch to the right side and relax. Do this as many times as you possibly can without exerting undue pressure or tension.

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